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CD Review – Nocturne For Ava


NOCTURNE FOR AVA – Bob Sneider & Joe Locke; Film Noir Project on
Origin Records

This is one of those CDs that I haven’t been able to remove from my player since I first put it in. Trumpeter Sneider and vibist Locke have latched onto a concept of celebrating the music of noir; think black and white detective movies from the 50s, or doomed romance, murder, shadow, attitude. If this kind of stuff floats your boat, this is a must have CD. The album opens with Last Tango In Paris, a composition that immediately evokes the overarching mood of the entire set. Sneider’s trumpet is just the right mix of muted tart lemon pucker, drizzled over the easy, smokey groove of the rest of the band. Other tunes include Theme From Blow Up, Black Dahlia, Kiss Me, Kill Me… the band is already at work on a follow up album, which suggests the popularity I suspect this group will endear.

People will often ask me, “I have Kind of Blue – can you suggest an album that is like that?” They are usually asking for something that is accessible but hip, nocturnal without being scary, evocative without being provocative. It’s usually a short list, but now I have another title I can throw at them – Nocturne For Ava.

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