Vividly written, Everybody Dreams, by Michael Stratton, is filled with compelling prose and deep, complex characters who speak to the most human frailties in us all. This breakout novel leaves no stone unturned when it comes to delivering drama and a thought provoking message. Purchase your copy right now from!

Big Thanks

A Big Thanks

I’m still walking on air from last week’s round of interviews and the book signing at Everybody Reads. There are so many people I need to thank: Tim Baron, Bill Castanier, Lawrence Cosentino, Berl Schwartz, Dan Mulhern, Dawn Parker for the press and interviews. Thanks to Scott Harris for allowing me and 80+ readers in taking over his bookstore, Everybody Reads, on March 5th. Thanks to all of you who showed up, stopped by, bought a book, said hello… Thanks to the fabulous Blumer sisters who brought cake, veggies, cheese & crackers. Mary Blumer came from Chicago for the event! Ken Osmar flew all the way from Florida! I am humbled by how many of you believe in this book. As I said at the reading, this is OUR book. Thanks so much!

I am just starting to get feedback from readers, and, dare I say, fan mail? I’ve heard from three people how they stayed up late at night/early in the morning to finish the book. I’m very pleased, because that was exactly my intent. I wanted to write a page turner that was hard to put down.

If you missed this signing, the next one is scheduled at Schuler Books, Eastwood Mall at 7p.m. The store is already carrying the book. And, as usual, you can purchase the book right here on this web-site. Or

This next week:

I’m getting ready for Sophie Millman’s concert at the Wharton Center on March 19th. Some of you remember her performance at the East Lansing Summer Jazz Festival, singing with the Professors of Jazz. This time she is bringing her own band. I’ll be giving the pre-concert lecture, so stop by and say ‘hi’. The Vinyl Side of Midnight this week will focus on several tracks by Sophie, along with a mix of new music and classic female vocals.

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