Vividly written, Everybody Dreams, by Michael Stratton, is filled with compelling prose and deep, complex characters who speak to the most human frailties in us all. This breakout novel leaves no stone unturned when it comes to delivering drama and a thought provoking message. Purchase your copy right now from!

Book Signing

This has been an amazing week. As I write this, I’ve just finished the Tim Barron interview ( and I’ll be going to the Dan Mulhern interview this afternoon, which will play this weekend ( Yesterday I was interviewed on air by Berl Schwartz ( and on the web by Bill Castanier ( City Pulse is running a really good, solid article by Lawrence Cosentino on Everybody Dreams ( And the book signing at Everybody Reads tonight (! Tomorrow is the Dream Workshop at the Kellogg Center, hosted by MSU School of Social Work Continuing Ed (

After this is all done, I’m looking forward to going to see The Watchmen with Cathie, my favorite movie goer.

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