Vividly written, Everybody Dreams, by Michael Stratton, is filled with compelling prose and deep, complex characters who speak to the most human frailties in us all. This breakout novel leaves no stone unturned when it comes to delivering drama and a thought provoking message. Purchase your copy right now from!

4/20/09: News on Everybody Dreams & Wise Woman

This weekend I received an piece of news that bowled me over. Whitney Spotts of Schuler Books in Eastwood Mall, East Lansing, contacted me via email saying that they needed more copies of Everybody Dreams. She then shared that they had just reviewed their sales, and Everybody Dreams was their best seller in General Fiction for the first quarter of 2009!

So thank you all for buying and reading the book. I have had some amazing feedback from many of you and I am deeply touched at much of what you’ve shared. Some people are actually making profound changes in their lives as the result of reading this book. I’m glad it is making a difference and giving some people the courage to change. I’d go into more detail, but that would be giving away some of the fun of reading.

I’d also like to formally apologize to Lansing readers for all the lost sleep, the crazy dreams, the tears that some of you have experienced as the result of reading Everybody Dreams. Just kidding. I love it!

On Friday (4/24/09) I’ll be delivering the keynote Friday for the Wise Woman Program (Michigan Breast & Cervical Cancer Control) at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City. My topic is Motivation & Beyond, and will be focused on how to access the healthiest parts of our selves in order to do the work to help others gain access to their own motivation to change. I’ve worked with this group before, delivering a two day training last spring. It was the only time in my career that I received completely unanimous 5 star ratings (on a scale to 5, you smarties!). So we have some history and some chemistry.

Thanks for looking at the web site. Feel free to send me a note or feedback on what you’d like to see.

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