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Summer 2009

Summer 2009

This is a very busy season!

From June 20th-27th I will be attending (and co-coordinating) the Peninsula Writers summer retreat at Glen Lake in northern Michigan. This will be the fifth time I’ve attended this conference and each year has been a little different, but always wonderful. We have our largest group yet, 37 writers!

Our keynote speaker this year is Laura Kasischke. Laura is a novelist and poet extraordinaire. She has been highly celebrated, won numerous awards (most recently the Guggenheim for poetry!), two of her novels have been made into films and is a best seller in France. I’ve known Laura for, I think, over twenty years. I had known her for at least a couple of years before she showed me her poetry, before she’d even been published. It has been an honor to watch her career blossom. The very last time I saw her we were watching Allen Ginsberg perform Howl in Ann Arbor. I’m really looking forward to seeing her again and hearing her read and talk about her writing.

From July 8th-12th I will be traveling to Montreal to speak at the International Policy Governance Association Conference. I’ll be presenting my ideas an work with Board of Directors and businesses on the Solution Focused Process, a model that combines therapy and coaching techniques with the world of governing systems. I combine systemic, narrative and solution based models to address challenges and enhance strengths for organizations.

I’ll be introduced by my old business partner, Susan Siers Stratton Radwan.

The Montreal trip also happily coincides with the Montreal Jazz Festival!

For more information on the Montreal Conference, look here:

On July 16th-17th I will be teaching a course for the Michigan State University’s Summer Institute in Traverse City, Michigan. This is the first Summer Institute by MSU and is being done in conjunction with the efforts of Monkey Business Consulting as well as several other MSU instructors. I’ll be teaching a two day workshop on weaving Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies into your clinical work. This workshop is designed for people in the helping professions but would probably be of interest to anyone interested in the science of change. I always do this workshop in a manner that leaves audiences touched, moved and inspired. Really looking forward to it. I’ll follow up with a book signing at Horizon book store in Traverse City on July 18th at 3p.m.

For more information on the MSU Summer Institute, look here:

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