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Celebrating 25 Years in Private Practice

Gratitude for 25 Years of Private Practice

Twenty five years ago this month (August 2012 – August 1987) I approached Jacque Miller at 2001 Abbott Road and inquired about office space. That started twenty five years of private practice, moving from working at agencies such as Health Central and Child and Family Services.

Mainly I want to take a moment to express gratitude to a number of people who have inspired me throughout my career.

First, all of the mentors and individuals who encouraged me, either directly or by example. That would include great therapists like my colleagues Jane Roraback and Tish Vincent, Jean Brickman and all the folks at the Grand Ledge Counseling Center, espescially Art and Cindy Myers. My supervisors, Char Berry and Carla Soliz, who helped me learn the trade.

The post graduate training I received in Ann Arbor from Charles Fishman, Zona Scheiner, Bennet Wolper and all of the trainees I came to know during my three years sharpening my skills there. The EMDR training I took in Lansing and the advanced training from Francine Shapiro in New York. The week I spent with Monkey Business Consultants at Bill O’Hanlon’s training on giving presentations.

But mainly I want to thank my clients. People who have placed their trust in me during their struggles and transitions. People dealing with loss or trauma or addictions or just plain trouble. I have been blessed to work with you. You inspire me. And yes, I am speaking directly to YOU. Thank you for letting me get to know you and allowing me to help.

I doubt I have another 25 years of work in me (yet, who knows?) but I’m not close to retiring. Here’s to what the future will bring….

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