Vividly written, Everybody Dreams, by Michael Stratton, is filled with compelling prose and deep, complex characters who speak to the most human frailties in us all. This breakout novel leaves no stone unturned when it comes to delivering drama and a thought provoking message. Purchase your copy right now from!

FOUR EVENTS For 3/1 – 3/6/09

Four events this week (3/1/09 – 3/6/09)

March 1 Sunday 9p.m. to midnight
89.7 fm WLNZ or

I’m finally doing my Anthony Braxton profile. I’ve wanted to do this since I began doing the show, many years ago. It wasn’t until I received the Mosaic box set of Braxton’s complete Arista recordings for my birthday (thanks Cathie!) that I’m able to pull it off. See below for the set list and my notes.

March 4 Wednesday 1p.m.
Wednesdays at One with Bonnie & Bill

Interview with Bonnie Bucqueroux (pronounced Buck-A-Roo) and Bill Castanier on the new novel, Everybody Dreams.

March 4 Wednesday 7p.m.
88.9 FM WDBM City Pulse Live On The Air

Interview with Berl Schwartz and Kyle Melinn. Lawrence Cosentino interviewed me a couple of weeks ago and I anticipate that a piece will be printed this week in the City Pulse.

March 5 Thursday 6:30p.m. – 9p.m.
Everybody Reads
Reception, reading, Q&A, discussion and book signing

I have tended to move in wide circles. I am really interested in seeing the intersection of media, therapy, music, writers, family and friends. This is a book launch for Everybody Dreams and I’m expecting it to be a blast.

March 6 Friday 9a.m. to noon
The Dream Workshop – Kellogg Center, East Lansing

This is a workshop directed to therapists but open to any dreamers who have an interest in working with dreams, or creating a Dream Group. Call 353-3060 to register. Cost is $75.




Living Legends: Anthony Braxton

Multi reedist/avant composer/ Anthony Braxton is a unique entity in the history of jazz music. His influences range from Paul Desmond to Stockhausen, Charlie Parker to Albert Ayler. His music has been likened to mathematic equations, or sound geometry. Compositional architecture. A blend of brains and blast, for a time Braxton was seen as the next great creator on the landscape. Maybe he still is? Tonight we’ll tear through a huge stack of his music, and you can decide for yourself.

Almost all of the music played tonight will be from the sumptuous Mosaic collection of Braxton’s work for the Arista label from 1974-1978. Arista was unique in giving special attention to a special kind of genius, even funding the composer’s Music For Four Orchestras project.

I actually had a chance to meet Anthony at Michigan State University in the late 1970s while he spent a week as an artist in residence at the jazz program. I listened to his lectures, interspersed with records he’d play, and also sat in on rehearsals he held with the MSU big band. Ron Newman was the chair of the jazz program at that time, and at the concert he and Anthony performed an amazing duet. Through the rehearsals and the lectures, Braxton really taught me how to listen to music that had before been inaccessible to me. Perhaps I can return that favor with you on Sunday.

Set List:

Anthony Braxton w/Muhal Richard Abrams – Maple Leaf Rag; THE COMPLETE ARISTA RECORDINGS OF ANTHONY BRAXTON; Mosaic
Anthony Braxton – Opus 40N – CREATIVE ORCHESTRA MUSIC; Arista
We open with a ragtime composition, if Eric Dolphy had jammed with Scott Joplin. Then break into a fierce piece of swinging angular Braxtonia.

Anthony Braxton – Opus 23B; THE COMPLETE ARISTA RECORDINGS…; Mosaic
Anthony Braxton – Opus 23D; THE COMPLETE ARISTA RECORDINGS…: Mosaic
Two tracks from a blazing quintet that features trumpeter Kenny Wheeler and bassist Dave Holland.

Anthony Braxton – Opus 37C; THE COMPLETE ARISTA RECORDINGS…: Mosaic
Anthony Braxton – Opus 40M; THE COMPLETE ARISTA RECORDINGS…; Mosaic
Anthony Braxton – Opus 55(F); THE COMPLETE ARISTA RECORDINGS…: Mosaic
These tracks feature the wonderful drummer, Barry Altschul. The first two are quartet pieces, the third is the orchestra.

Anthony Braxton/Muhal Richard Abrams – Miss Ann: THE COMPLETE…; Mosaic
Anthony Braxton/Muhal Richard Abrams – Opus 40P; THE COMPLETE…; Mosaic
Anthony Braxton – Red Top; THE COMPLETE…; Mosaic
Duets, again, the second displaying Braxton’s contrabass saxophone, then a selection of solo alto.

Dave Holland – Four Winds; CONFERENCE OF THE BIRDS; ECM
Anthony Braxton – Opus 40(0); THE COMPLETE…; Mosaic
This set of music starts with the opening track of Dave Holland’s stunning free bop excursion, featuring Sam Rivers w/Braxton; then is Anthony’s homage to John Phillip Sousa, a parade march that slowly evolves into a trip to Gonzo-ville, with a screeching Jon Faddis trumpet solo over the proceedings before we return to main street red, white and blue.

Anthony Braxton – You Stepped Out Of A Dream; THE COMPLETE…; Mosaic
Anthony Braxton – Opus 6(C); THE COMPLETE…; Mosaic
Braxton in extremes – covering a standard (see, he can do it when he wants!), then with the quartet w/George Lewis live at Montreaux.

Anthony Braxton – Opus 23J; THE COMPLETE…; Mosaic
Anthony Braxton – Opus 37; THE COMPLETE…; Mosaic
This set features the most avant/classical influence of the whole show: a track from the Berlin Philharmonic concert, fronting the Berlin New Music Group, followed by a saxophone quartet that features Oliver Lake, Hamiet Bluiett and Julius Hemphill, a fore-runner to the World Saxophone Quartet.

Anthony Braxton – Opus 40K; THE COMPLETE…; Mosaic
A longer piece from the Berlin Philharmonic concert.

Anthony Braxton – Opus 57; THE COMPLETE…; Mosaic
Anthony Braxton – Opus 77C; THE COMPLETE…: Mosaic
Anthony Braxton/Muhal Richards Abram – Nickie; THE COMPLETE…; Mosaic
We finish off the night with three portraits of the artist: one, with his creative orchestra, stringing together a soundscape of seemingly random textures and timbres; two, the soloist, almost at practice, the Paul Desmond influence clearly evident; three, in duet playing a sweet and heartbreaking ballad.

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