Vividly written, Everybody Dreams, by Michael Stratton, is filled with compelling prose and deep, complex characters who speak to the most human frailties in us all. This breakout novel leaves no stone unturned when it comes to delivering drama and a thought provoking message. Purchase your copy right now from!

The Dream Workshop

I’m giving a talk on dreams tonight (10/10/14) in East Lansing for the Therapy Today practice, led by my old friend Leslie Auld. I’ll be starting another Dream Group in the New Year – you can join by calling me at (517) 336-7721 or writing me at

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Dream Questions (a sampling)

What is your perspective or point of view in this dream? Are you watching the dream through your eyes, or as if on a TV screen?

What is your role in the dream? Are you active or passive? Are you the ‘star’ of the dream?

What are your feelings in this dream? What are your feelings about the dream?

Are there parallels between you in the dream and you in waking life? (i.e. role, feelings, levels of clarity in awareness of details, place, etc.)

Does your dream seem clear or vague? What is the clarity of the dream picture? Do you experience color? Sound? Smell? Touch? Taste?

Who are the other characters in your dream? What parts do they play and what is your reaction to them?

What is the setting of the dream? Does it shift? What does each setting signify for you (i.e. is there a particular time of life or developmental stage; or a particular emotion that is evoked by a certain setting)?

What emotions are you expressing in this dream and how are you expressing them? Is this similar to your waking life?

Would you tell anyone else this dream? Who would you/wouldn’t you want to tell and does this seem significant to you?

How connected do you feel to the people in your life?

How connected are you to your feelings?

Are there parts of yourself you are uncomfortable with? (i.e. angry or sad feelings? Spirituality? Sexuality? Family of origin issues?)

Do you daydream? What about?

Are you satisfied with the roles you play in life? How would you like to change them?

In the novel of your life, what is the genre? Mystery? Epic? Melodrama? Comedy? Tragedy? Erotica? Textbook?

What are the stories that your dreams are telling you about yourself? What are the themes and feelings that recur again and again?

Have you had recurring dreams?

Have you had recurring dreams?

Have you had a dream that felt unfinished? How would you like this dream to end?

If you were to transform one of your dreams into an artistic expression, what mode would you use? (i.e. writing, poetry, drawing, painting, music, dance, sculpting, film, theater, dance?)

What dream or dream symbol would you portray?

Can you identify powerful dreams that you’ve had in your life that felt transforming?

Can you identify nightmares you’ve had in your life?

Have these powerful dreams and nightmares accompanied significant life passages?

Can you identify dream allies that have appeared in these dreams, or manifestations of your own psychic ‘shadow’?

Have you started a dream journal?

Visit for more on dreams or to inquire about trainings or speaking engagements.


Group #1
Introduction of dream questions

Group #2
Awareness Exercises
Mindfulness Exercises

Group #3
Multi-level Interpretations

Group #4
Nightmares and the Shadow

Group #5
You are all parts of your dream

Group #6
Narrative exercise
The story we tell ourselves…

Group #7
Awareness exercise & lucid dreams

Group #8

Group #9
Creating an unconscious autobiography

Group #10


Everybody Dreams Michael Stratton, Book Surge
Our Dreaming Mind Robert Van De Castle, Ballentine Books
Secrets of Sleep Alexander Borbely; Basic Books
The Dream Makers Richard Corriere & Joseph Hart
The Interpretation of Dreams Sigmund Freud; Avon Books
The Dream And The Underworld James Hillman; Harper & Rowe
Memories, Dreams and Reflections C.G. Jung; Vintage Books
Care of the Soul Thomas Moore; Harper Collins
Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams; Creating an Unconscious Autobiography Mike Stratton, published in The Journal of Arts & Psychotherapy
Something Like An Autobiography Akira Kurosawa, Vintage Books
The Films of Akira Kurosawa Donald Richie, Joan Mellon, University of California Press
Just Before Dark Jim Harrison, Mariner Books
What Matters Mike Stratton, Writual Magazine

Have you, or your clients, had dreams that have left you mystified and intrigued? Have you ever looked up the meanings in the ‘dream dictionary’ at your local bookstore? The result felt as empty as a tv dinner, microwaved insights that left you feeling empty a couple of hours later.

In this workshop, Mike Stratton ( will lead you through a dynamic process to form a better understanding and a deeper appreciation of dreams. You will use a blend of techniques and models, from Gestalt awareness to Jungian shadow work, from Native American understanding to narrative story telling, from self disclosure to guided imagery. All linked to assisting you in discovering your deepest wisdom that is helping you address specific developmental issues in your life.

The Dream Workshop will be for those interested in participating in the process. It will be challenging and rewarding. Be prepared to think, to learn, to share and to feel.

Mike Stratton, ACSW, is a psychotherapist in private practice in East Lansing, Michigan. His practice includes supervision, consultation and coaching. Stratton’s model for intervening with businesses and boards of directors utilizing systemic, developmental and strength based strategies have been utilized nation wide. Stratton’s interest in jazz has lead him to DJ his own show, “The Vinyl Side of Midnight”, on . His presentation, “Miles Davis, A Single Blue Flame” explored the relationship of creativity, synergy and the impact of addiction. A sought after speaker, Stratton has spoken on topics ranging from addiction, family therapy, jazz, creativity, dreams and spirituality. He has given key note talks, and has conducted multiple day trainings and workshops. His novel, Everybody Dreams, is available on

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