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I have spoken at numerous conferences and workshops over the past 20 years. From Maui to Mackinack, for audiences as diverse as writers at a retreat, judges at a symposium, physicians at a conference my presentations have consistently ranked as some of the most popular, entertaining and informative talks of any given setting. I can ‘tweak’ any talk I give to suit any audience, regardless of profession or level or expertise.

My next few speaking engagements are:

7/9/09 (holding for Solution Focused Process in Montreal)

7/16 – 7/17/09 MET/CBT; How to Enhance Your Clinical Skills Using Evidence Based Practices; Great Wolf Lodge, Traverse City, MI. (MSU School of Social Work)

Topics include:

  • Dreams: Creativity, Spirituality & Mindfulness
  • Motivation Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Using Evidence Based Treatment To Enhance Your Clinical Skills
  • Solution Focused Process for Boards & Business
  • An Overview of Substance Abuse and Recovery
  • Becoming A Teen Whisperer: Working Effectively With Teens

Some of my engagements have been:

  • The Dream Workshop — NASW state conference, 1997
  • Akira Kurosawa, Creating an Unconscious Autobiography — Creativity and Madness conference, Maui, 1998
  • Akira Kurosawa, Creating an Unconscious Autobiography — Creativity and Madness conference, Santa Fe, 2000
  • Spirituality and Retirement —Retired Teachers Association –2000
  • Miles Davis: Creativity & Addiction, A Single Blue Flame —Creativity and Madness conference, Maui, 2001
  • Working Powerfully With Families & Solution Focused Management — American Marine Institutes, Clearwater, Florida, 2003
  • Assets & Alternatives In Substance Abuse Issues — Ingham County Court Systems keynote address, 2003
  • Creativity & Clinical Work —Brighton Hospital, 2004
  • Assets & Alternatives in Substance Abuse Treatment — Eaton County School District, 2004
  • A Mid-Summer’s Night Dream — Peninsula Writer’s Conference, 2004
  • Assets & Alternatives in Substance Abuse Treatment — MCBAP, 2004
  • Strength Based Work with Addictions
  • Family Therapy
  • Creativity and Clinical Work — West Virginia University, School of Medicine, Addictions Institute 2004
  • Dream Workshop — Creativity & Madness, Maui, 2004
  • MET/CBT 5 in Red Bank, NJ., Vallejo, CA., Philadelphia, PA., San Francisco, CA., and Portland, OR. in 2005-06
  • The Heart of The Matter: Working With Couples w/Leslie Auld; East Lansing, MI. 2007